Best Books on Poker

Is there such a thing as the best books on poker? Are you one of those poker aficionados who can spend hours and days in front of the television channel flipping through channels looking for some information on how to play the game?

Don’t worry. This is going to be simple. We will go through a few of the best books on poker you can find today and how you can use them to further improve your game.

The first book we are going to mention is the Hand Analysis by Bobby Elias. This book is written by a man who played poker for 20 years and has now compiled all his experiences into this book. This book has been reviewed by most poker players and has gained a lot of good feedback.

We will go through its contents, as we will find it very helpful. First, we are going to see the book’s information on the hands that the authors have won. These are the hands that they won with the help of their software. This is very good because you can learn from this.

Second, we will find out how they broke down their own winnings into different categories such as; blinds, winners, pots, staked, dealt, etc. And, finally, we will see some examples of their winning hands that have won. These are the types of hands you can actually use as a basis for you game.

The next book is the Online Hand History Books. This book is written by David Katz and Jesse D’Angelo and is focused to players who have just started playing poker. Their main goal is to provide information that is useful for new players to become successful.

This is anonline hand history books that are very helpful especially if you are a beginner. Most of the information found in these books are relevant for the more experienced players who already have years of experience playing the game. If you think that you still don’t have enough information in the field, you can go through this book and gain a lot of information.

As I mentioned earlier, I have listed a few of the best books on poker for new players. There are many more available, so you should not hesitate in picking a book based on what you need.